Live cricket streaming is trendy. The nerve-wracking & busy life has snatched away the pleasure of these tvaffixed days. wherever no one cricket fan ever desires to miss a noteworthy match, it’s extremely dispiriting to seek out yourself because the just one to own incomprehensible it thanks to our supposed busy schedule. once its cricket, the larger the cluster of dialogue, additional the fun, and a post-match analysis is sort of a ritual, religiously followed.

Now painting a definite stark contrastive image, of any Ashes match, however, heated it’d get, its spectators can do nothing over applause upon a wicket or a boundary. the category and magnificence of those folks appear very fascinating to ME as an Indian. One remembers the semi-final match of the planet Cup- India vs. Sri Lanka.

The flaring Indian fans were thus infuriated that they’d not let the match continue. Such is the result of cricket, particularly in our country. We cannot return what might miss a match that involves India. And I’m not stereotyping. I’m speaking on behalf of solely those that are ardent fans and not most are.

#1 Hotstar App and Website

Hotstar is incredibly well-liked in India for live cricket streaming and different sports too. it’s a really intuitive interface wherever you’ll relish lag-free streaming of your favorite match. there’s a mobile app offered that allows you to stream on the go. you wish not avail any paid subscription so as to look at cricket in Hotstar, however, the sole disadvantage is that the telecast is five minutes delayed for free of charge subscribers. At a really nominal subscription price, you’ll watch live matches as they’re on TV.


Seriously, no one will it higher. ESPN has dominated the cricket and sports journalism normally since decades and that the area unit quite specialists at this too. From look a match live to the foremost trivial details that may assist you to improve your cricketing acumen, everything has one stop which is that this web site. The specialists tether out a match ball by ball and you’ll be able to follow all that.


Although this online live streaming portal isn’t simply a cricket exclusive site, it provides smart live cricket streaming as expected. It focuses chiefly on the position cricket matches. Its computer program is incredibly friendly and easy. you’ll surf simply for love or money on this web site. to look at the live cricket streaming, you wish to open the web site and choose the match broadcasting channel. If the channel supports the live broadcasting of the match, the user gets instant access to its live streaming videos.

#4 SonyLIV

SonyLIV is another favorable online live cricket streaming web site. you’ll be able to watch each major cricket series on SonyLIV. what is more, the positioning conjointly provides careful schedules for future events and score updates for in-progress cricket matches. Apart from live cricket streaming, SonyLIV conjointly displays the most recent news and happenings within the world of cricket. SonyLIV encompasses a terribly well-developed video player that optimizes the video quality supported net speed. Lastly, you’ll be able to conjointly watch different favorite sports and games on SonyLIV.

#5 Crickbuzz

If you like to live score updates or statement over observance the complete match, then Cricbuzz can impress you. This basic nonetheless well-liked web site provides time period cricket score updates. Cricbuzz conjointly has its native golem and iOS applications that area unit ideal for checking live score updates and paying attention to the statement. In addition, to attain updates, Cricbuzz conjointly offers cricket based mostly news and attention-grabbing videos like match-preview, funny moments, and post-match shows.



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