Free music is something that everyone seeks and is a search that never ends. As there exists 100’s of music websites, MusicPleer got the highest fame in the music industry and created huge traffic in just one year. The website allows downloading free songs both in mp3 and mp4 formats.

What makes the site more popular is, instant release new albums and soundtracks. But, currently, the site is penalized by Google. As records, the site is violating laws by publicizing illegal audio content.

So, If you are one who always choose MusicPleer, then here are the 10 best alternatives. Check it out now…..


#1 YouTube

Youtube is one of the best websites of all time to make sure that the user gets the best results when downloading songs in any format. It has a huge database of video content which is quite impressive. As it is classified by users, songs are sometimes hard to find. But, its easier than Musicpleer.

Wait…how can we download music directly? Yes, It is possible. For this, you need to search the video song and copy its URL. Then jump to another site, ie the

Now drop the URL on the website search box. Convert it into Mp3 and download directly. That’s all, you’ve done.

#2 Mp3 Skull

The second best alternative to musicpleer is Mp3 Skull. It has an easy-to-use interface and can be easily operated. No doubt, the user can download the most recent album songs and can share them through WhatsApp. As the site offers Download program in the form of ads, it frustrates us.

#3 Bee Mp3

Since a decade, Bee Mp3 is a well-known platform for downloading free music. Its user-friendly interface offers a huge collection of old songs.

Of course, the music is well arranged and organized, but sometimes it makes us headache while searching for a song. One can download a song by searching album and artist name. Remember, downloading takes much time. Anyhow, it is still an alternative to musicpleer.

#4 Free Music Archive

Free music archive is though not recognized, still, it is one of the best collections of songs that are available online. At some extent, it competitive musicpleer.

The website offers a full pack of organized songs and tracks are arranged in alphabetic order that highlights more. But the general appearance of the website needs immediate renewal.

#5 Epitonic

One more popular alternative to musicpleer is Epitonic. This website has already provided cutting-edge services to users in this regard and making sure that the best.

It has a bulletin feature that very few websites of similar gender provide. The collection of classic songs is very good for users and the search function of the site should be updated and easy.

#6 Seek a song

Unlike other music platforms, Seek a song is authentic and polished. The appearance is simple and allows users to get the best results when it comes to on-demand and songs download. The songs have been well organized in the form of letters that make the download easy for the user.

Of course, the site having a simple interface that makes easier to search the desired songs. More often, the search function becomes a headache and must be updated to meet current trends.

#7 Emp3 world

Definitely does not need intro since it is one of the best, music platforms in the highest traffic. Its simple interface is one of the best features and the search function is so impressive and easy to use. The general interface of the site must be improved and renewed. One can also download old songs from the years 1960’s and 1980’s.

#8 Mp3 Raid

Mp3 Raid is itself the best music platform like others. It has a unique style of displaying albums and can play any song instantly. The song search function is very easy to use and the website shows too many ads which are mostly from third-parties. No doubt, it is also the best alternative ones.

#9 is also a recognized website for downloading amazing songs for free. It has a very colorful and attractive design that is one of the best features. The huge album collection allows users to easily download. And the search function is obsolete and needs to be replaced.


Last but not least. 10th best alternative website to musicpleer is It is king of all music websites over a decade. It has a large collection of impressive songs and overall appearance is impressive. is considered as the complex music park with all the latest features.

So these are top 10 alternatives to musicpleer.  Comes with almost all similar to musicpleer website. Hope you enjoy this article, Share this article will all musicpleer lovers.



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