Your hair talks about you. How you comb it, the cut, its density, and volume … It is the most important part of your image and, whether you want it or not, it defines you. That’s why the task of finding a trustworthy hair salon that understands your hair and treats it as it deserves is so important.

Great Clips, chosen as one of the leading salons in the world. Since 1983, they have reached the top without leaving the homeland. Now, its outlets are all over the globe. Their main pursue is to offer lowest price haircuts to all their customers.

What makes Great clips Great?

There is a difference between Good and Great. It’s Good when your haircut costs less. It’s Great when one meets its own standards. This is what Great Clips believe every time. At Great Clips, one can get their own custom haircut at low cost. The hair cut studio is hygiene and the whole staff treat customers specially.

For those people who are looking for Great clips hair cut-price list, I dedicate this post to them. Let’s have a look on wishlist…

Pricing list of Great Clips haircut salon:

#1 Men & Women

The cost of Basic hair cut with shampoo starts at $18.

For kids

Basic haircut & Shampoo – $18

For Adults

Basic haircut & Shampoo – $20

For Senior Citizens

Basic haircut & Shampoo – $18

#2 Styling

It may cost some more but you’ll get a different look.

Formal style – $50

Regular – $20

Long – $30

Beard trim – $5

#3 Perms

Not all the locations offer perms, instead, one can try other items with the same price.

Partial perm – $35

Regular perm – $50

Long perm – $75

Hair Conditioning – $10

If you have long hair then stop thinking much. It doesn’t matter how much length of hair you have. Only when you prefer washing and styling, the costs add up. If you talk about timings, Great clips are very suited. Mostly, all the locations open at 9AM and close at 9 PM on weekdays. In weekends, 6PM is the close time.

Do Great Clips offer anything more?

Not only hairdressing but also Great clips offer its own hair care products for both men and women. Products include molding cream, molding paste, leave-in conditioners, and nourishing shampoos…. Of course, they too cost very less.

Deals & coupons on Great Clips?

Everyone likes free deals and coupons…It’s great if you get awesome haircut coupons for Great clips….Below I can mention all the deals and offers that reduce Great clips hair cut price…Make sure, to get these offers, you need to download Greatclips app in your smartphone.

  • Signup and get flat 10% discount using – SIGNUP10
  • Get 25% extra discount on all haircuts using – WELCOME
  • Grab another 25% off on order using – N4119
  • Save $5 on first product purchase using – CATCH5OFF

You can also use these promo codes on the official website.


Great clips had spread a long chain of salons today and still continuing its success. The motto “Its gonna be Great” perfectly suits. Offering haircuts at affordable prices and friendly treatment brought huge customers to Greats clips. Thank you for landing on this page and let me know your comments.



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